Dear NVS sir,
This morning (20-4-2013) I Was typing a reply to your post under the title "Sree Vaishnavam", in tamil. It took a long time to complete the text and when I was about to post it,there appeared a droped down questionaire--'do you want to stay in this page' or 'do you want to leave this page'--.Nobody will prefer to leave the page once he/she spent a long time to prepare the text. I prefered to stay in the page but again a drop down menu appeared under rituals heading, and stay put there.
After waiting for more 3/4 minutes since the drop down menu did not disappear, I clicked the other" leave this page."
As if it was waiting only for this answer the whole thing, my typed tamil text had completely gone. I spent more than 35 minutes to type a full page and the whole thing had become a shear waste. However best I tried to
recover my diappeared text I could not , since I find no provision in the page. Why all of a sudden there appeared that
questionaire and what is the big idea behind this question? There may be some valid reasons for this from the forum, but at whose cost. I am sure you will appreciate my sentiments and look forward for your reply...Narasimhan.

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