Dear Members,

Many of our members wanted to do some favor for me by asking through email.
I replied, I will ask you when the necessary arise.
Possible and interested members can oblige the following my obligation.

I have to go to Delhi to perform a marriage on 11th September.
I booked ticket on 8th Sep GT.
I am willing to have dharshan of few nearer Divyadesams if possible
by spending 10 days from 11th September.

I have to have Dharshan of Ayodhi, Naimisaranya, Saligrama & Dwaraga are the only four divyadesams
remaining to complete the 106 DD Yatra.

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If possible I wish to complete the Ayodhya, Naimisaranya & Saligram DDs even by Airways.
I have not booked anything for further travel even not booked for my return travel.
Can anybody help me in this regard by suggesting some good guy who can help us to make dharshan of the above
We will bare any genuine charges.
We are five members only, 3 gents and 2 ladies all are middle aged.

Expecting quick responses in this regard,
Thanks in advance,