शुश्रूषस्व गुरून् कुरु प्रियसखीवृत्तिं सपत्नीजने
भर्तुर्विप्रकृतापि रोषणतया मा स्म प्रतीपं गमः
भूयिष्ठं भव दक्षिणा परिजने भाग्येष्वनुत्सेकिनी
यान्त्येवं गृहिणीपदं युवतयः वामाः कुलस्याधयः
Shushrooshaswa guroon kuru priyasakheevrittim sapatnee jane
Bharturviprakrutaapi roshanatayaa maa sma prateepam gamah
Bhooyishtthham bhava dakshinaa parijane bhaagyeshwanutsekinee
Yaantyevam grihineepadam yuvatayah vaamaah kulasyaadhayah IV-18

This is the advice of Kanva to Sakuntala:

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“Listen to your in-laws and elders and serve them, look upon the other wives of the King as your dear friends, even when you get angry with your husband keep your cool and do not act on impulse, be generous with your servants, do not be conceited about your good fortunes. By following these dictums you will acquire the status of a true housewife. Those who do the opposite cause great mental agony to the family.