I have already registered and accepted terms
but final response for registration not coming
i am already member of Vaideekam group
why not automatically registered my name

You have not registered with Brahminsnet.com ( I searched with your mail ID in this from ID)
If you have registered with different mail ID, send it to me to search for.

You have not registered with Brahminsnet.com
Registration with Yahoo group is not sufficient to log in at brahminsnet.
So, register yourself or send your details as already I asked for:

Read the below explanation also.
Expecting the valuable inputs of honorable members.
Yahoo Groups is entirely different from Brahminsnet.com
For your information we have conducted the Vaideekam group in some one's website called yahoo.com
who gave us some permission to handle our groups with limited scopes and limited resources.
Also, we have no permission to change the style and appearance and activities to allow our members
to walk through with full freedom to use all resources and benefits.
Yahoo enjoying the (it may be little) revenue by advertisements in our group area (of course their own but let out for us)
Now we are totally free from all of the ties and boundaries, we created everything of our own by investing some considerable amount
by hoping which may be compensated in future.
Now we are running our own advertisement, by which we may get some revenue, now we planned to utilize the portion of the amount for
development of the site and some portion of the amount for brahmin boys / girls who are really in need to survive and suffering for higher studies.
The brahmin resources can be identified by our members, everything done will be 100% transparent here.
Though there is no necessity to share the revenue information with members, but I want to do so to keep my trust worth safe and clean,
everything will be done for the benefit of the brahmin community.
A bylaw will be framed and circulated to all members, later they can participate in the venture by accepting the bylaw.
I already told that we are going to frame a executive committee to govern this unit of organization.
I request Sri.Tenpari V.Padmanabhachar to look in to this to create a bylaw, who helped me when I was interested to start such an organization
called "Sath Samrakshana" which is now in the letter pad and there is no activity due to lake of activity of committee members except me and Sri.T.V.P

So, members are try to understand the situation, there is no way to include all vaideekam members to BMBC and that is not legal also.
So, I request members to put some little effort to join the community and try to bring all youngsters and elders of all know brahmin family to form a Strengthful organization
to take powerful, meaningful, courageous actions for the benefit of Brahmin community.
Let us discuss later in detail