Every Friday there used to be 'Sadas' (Tharkam) at Kanchi mutt, where learned scholars will debate on various topics and Periava will give the final verdict. Then He would give 'Sanmaanam' to all the Pandits.

During one such day, there was an Iyengar Swamy from Chinna Kanchipuram. He offered his 'Namaskarams' to Periava and accepted the money Periava gave him, but his face showed that he was not very happy with it. Periava noticed it and asked him' Enna, Iyengar Swamigale, ssanthosham dhane?'. The Iyengar Swamy mumbled 'yes' and left.

After a few more Pandits, it was the turn of the general public to offer pranams to Maha Swami. The first was an advocate with his family. He offered a plate full of flowers, fruits, cashew, etc and said, 'Periava, a request'.

Maha Periava asked him to stay quiet and called a sishya. 'Go and bring that Iyengar Swamy. He would be on the bus to Chinna Kanchipuram'. The sishya went and found him on a bus at Gangai kondan bus stop. He told the Iyengar Swamy that Periava has asked him to come back.

The Iyengar Swamy said, ' I have taken a 30p ticket and if I get down now, I will lose 30p. The bus conductor who was watching this said, ' Iyere, people are coming from far and abroad for His darshan and He is calling you. You return the ticket and I will give you 30p. Go, see Him, it should be something important.

The Iyengar Swamy returned the ticket, took 30p, got down from the bus and went with the sishya to see Periava. Maha Periava remarked smilingly, 'Enna, Iyengar Swamigale, you would not get down from the bus without getting your 30p?. The Iyengar Swamy was stunned. How did He know that?

Now, the advocate started again, 'Periava, a request'.

Periava said, 'wait' and asked the Iyengar Swamy to sit near the advocate. He then asked the advocate to take the Iyengar Swamy's address and told the Iyengar Swamy that the next bus is ready at the bus stop and asked him to leave.

The Iyengar Swamy left, confused.

Now, let us get back to the advocate.

He started yet again, 'Periava....' ''Enna, you wish to give a learned poor brahmin some money every month, is not that your wish?'. The advocate, for a moment, was speechless. Recovering, he said, 'yes, Periva'.

'You know, that’s the reason I asked you to take the Iyengar Swamy’s address. Send him Rs.250/- every month without fail. If you stop after a few months he will come back here again. He is a nice person, but it is just that he is poor'.

The advocate accepted it. The whole family offered their 'namaskarams' and left.

For the next few months, Periava checked through his sishyas whether the Iyengar Swamy was receiving the money.

source: sumi