"Knowledge is truly meaningful only when it leads to good thoughts.

You sow thoughts and reap actions; you sow actions and reap habits; you sow habits and reap character; you sow character and reap a fortune. Thus, fortune depends on character, character depends on habits, habits depend on actions and actions depend on thought. It all comes back to thoughts and in the ultimate analysis, thoughts shape one's future as well as fortune. Good fortune is always the result of good and positive thoughts whereas bad and negative thoughts lead eventually to bad fortune, via bad actions, bad habits and evil character. Since thought is the true basis of fortune, it is obvious that one must cultivate good and positive thoughts, if one is looking for a good fortune. Thoughts and Destiny are inter-connected.

Good thoughts alone would lead to good action. What is the meaning of good action? A good action is that which would please God. Whatever you do, you should always have the feeling that you are doing God's work." ....Baba

More about Destiny and Fate later

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