Respected NVS Swamin,How do I know, who all have read my article. and when i add some more details in my own article, it comes as 1 reply...pls educate

Whenever you start a new thread,
a sequential number will be alloted to that thread.
You should note down that number if you want to go to that article directly
without navigating any other place in the forum.
Otherwise you can go to the forum ( )
you could see the list of Top 20 Articles at the beginning of the forum (it may be shifted to bottom if suggested by members)
you can find the title of your article - How many views - How many replies - author name etc.
​you can find the title of your article - How many views - How many replies - author name etc.

​If a new article enters it will go down, if new member visiting it will come up automatically. It will be sorted by number of views for that day.
See below is the thread number of your article:
By changing the last number (thread number) you can every time go to that particular thread.
Also here is the technique to post a new reply to thread based on the thread number.
Whenever you find a thread interesting and wish to post your reply just note the number of that thread
say 528 for "learn 3 easy sanskrit slokas daily" started by me.
The basic navigation url is the same always:
the thread number should be added at the end of the above url like below:
Just you have to copy the above line and paste it in your browser's (interent explorer / Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Opera)
address bar and hit enter.
It will bring you that article you can read and if you wish to post a reply just scroll down
to find the open text box to type your reply.
Further by clicking the "Go Advanced" button at the end of the text box,
you could format your content with bbcodes, color, attachments etc. and could see a preview of your reply
before submitting it.
Please do not hesitate to ask further doubts regarding this.