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  1. Brahmins in Various profession

    Geologist : An expert in the scientific study of the earth's crust, rocks, strata etc and the history of its development.
    Geophysicist : An expert in the scientific study of the physics of the earth - its magnetism, meteorology etc.
    Gerontologist : An expert in the scientific study of old age and ageing.
    Guide : A person who shows another the way, used especially for a person employed to show tourists interesting sights.
    Gynaecologist : An expert in the scientific study and ...
  2. Objectives of this Portal

    There are several sub categories under the head Brahmins. But they are all having many common features and behaviors.
    The main common feature is : Vedas.
    There are mainly three philosophies among all brahmins. But all are accepting Brahmam and Vedas.

    We should try to find several factors and reasons to unite than finding controversies. So, I feel we are all having many things to share among us like
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