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  1. GOD


    Why GOD sit on animals? A symbolic representation that we should control our animal instincts; and surpass them. GOD sitting on animals tell us: Never become a prey to animal instincts. Put the weight of your conscience to suppress and surpass them. When a person controls and transcends his animal instincts with the power of his conscience; he becomes GOD.

    Updated 20-09-2016 at 12:02 AM by ganesh_sabari

  2. Simha Vahanam @ Kanchi varadarajar Kovil Brahmotsavam (Day 1)

    On 31st May evening it would be our Lord's first "Vahana Purappadu" and he would start it with a bang!

    Kanchi Varadarajar Kovil is famous for so many things, like Perumal, Thayar, Kuzhal idli, Golden lizard, Silver lizard, Nammazhvar, Thirukkachi Nambigal, Ramanujar, Swami Desikan, Chakrathalvar……… the list is endless. Kanchi Kodai is also one among the list as this is the widest Kodai. Every year Perarulalan gets new set of Kodai during the Brahmotsavam. This year is no ...
  3. Thanga Chapparam @ Kanchi varadarajar Kovil Brahmotsavam (Day 1)

    Very early in the morning, on 31st May, Thiruvaradhanam would be performed for Perarulalan and Ubhaya nachimaar. Then he would proceed to vahana mantapam.

    After Punyavachanam, the Garudan flag is blessed by Perumal. This Garudan flag is then hoisted in the dwajasthambham (flag post) this would act as a signpost for all the deva's. The flag would be hoisted by the Archakar who had the raksha bhandanam done earlier, he would also receive parivattam mariyathai, for his service.
  4. All Brahmin parents to use the facilities provided for their children...

    Quote Originally Posted by E Mail to Admin View Post

    Dear ones,
    I have come across the following msg from a website.
    Pl go through and spread this as much brahmins as you can.

    Dear Brahmins,
    I have written earlier about the new experiments in this school and I write again with more correct details.

    School Name: Vidya Niketan Public School

    Website: (Sri Sankara Smartha Samskrutha Paatasala) this
  5. எதுவும் நிரந்தரம் இல்லை - கஷ்டம் உள்பட

    Quote Originally Posted by K S Lakshmi View Post
    பெரியப்பாவிற்கு முன்பு நாங்கள் வைத்த பட்டப் பெயர் ''பாஸிடிவ்''. ''எதையும் ''பாஸிடிவா''
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