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  • Astrological Rules - or Basic Astrology-001

    Astrology in my views:
    I hope most of this forum members are from Tamil Nadu India, and hence they all know about the famous writer "Sandilyan" who is no more and who is also a brahmin Thenkalai Iyenagar.

    I know his son Mr.Sadagopan very well. He was admired by my activities 20 years back when I was started trying to set up a Non profit Brahmins welfare organization. OK that is a different story we will discuss it later patiently?!

    Sri.Sandilyan swami had written many historical stories like Raja Mudrai, Kadal Pura, Raja thilakam etc. I was very fond of reading historical stories in my childhood.

    In those stories we could see all the characters are real taken out from history. The theme of the story also real for a good enough percentage. But the sambhavams (happenings, activity, movements) are imagination for a good enough percentage. So, it is easy to attract the readers mind with the historical evidences to make them believe the whole story was truly written as it was happened.

    Likely in Astrology also the real things are the planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu, Ketu.

    They are the real characters, the story will be build up with their Past position (at the time of birth) and their present position for the current period. The astrologer should have enough brilliant to build up with possible amount of facts and reasonable amount of imaginations.

    Here you should not think that I am kidding, (but actually what I am doing), here imagination in the sense, the astrologer should have enough knowledge to guess (which is another synonym for prediction) from his experience, the situation what will happen if the planets are in this series of position in a horoscope.
    So, the predictions are some times comes in to true some times fails.

    Let us continue this in part - 2
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    1. Venkatesa Gurukkal's Avatar
      Venkatesa Gurukkal -
      நமஸ்தே,தமிழில் பதியமுடியுமா?
    1. bmbcAdmin's Avatar
      bmbcAdmin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Venkatesa Gurukkal View Post
      நமஸ்தே,தமிழில் பதியமுடியுமா?
      ஜோதிடம் பற்றிய அடியேனுடைய கருத்துக்களைத் தமிழில் அறிய கீழ் உள்ள இணைப்பைப் பயன்படுத்தவும்.
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