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    Article about the Experience gained by the Pilgrimage - Kshethradanam we made last week.
    We have started our journey from Chennai on 8th September 2011 by Tamilnadu Express.
    Reached New Delhi on 9th September.
    I have an appointment to perform a marriage at Delhi.
    Here is the video Part one:

    Introducing our group.

    Some tips about the train journey:
    Everybody know that the luggage should be very less, otherwise it will be problem to protect them and keeping them in a proper place. The things will take all our moving spaces which will highly affect our comfortable journey.
    Better to avoid taking lot of snacks from house.
    If you have the coffee drinking habit, take a flask with you to fill the good coffee in it for next time.
    Mostly tea only available throughout North India and coffee is generally not available.

    Better book the tickets at a time to avail the consecutive seat numbers for safe and joyful journey.

    Foods and things are not available in Garib Rath trains when comparing with other trains.

    Take all contact numbers nearer to your visiting places, it will be helpful some times.

    No need to fear about anything, arrangements can be done on the spot everywhere in all important tourist spots.

    We have booked the lodge at Lucknow through a friend. Intentionally he is good, but he is not well at that time, so he arranged the room without checking it personally. So, the rooms are not so neat and comfort at Lucknow.
    Also I asked the friend to arrange for a Vehicle to take our group of 8 members with all our luggage to all the places for five days. He arranged a Tavera by which only 8 persons can travel including driver. There was raining on that day, we found difficult to travel with that van. In the mean time the hotel person came forward to help us to find a good vehicle. He asked us to wait for some time. After an hour, a same Tavera vehicle came without any additional facility. The preivous van arranged by the friend asked us Rs. 9/- per kilo meter but the new van arranged by the hotel person compelled us to give Rs. 10/- kilometer and also told that the return kilomoeters to the starting place also will be paid.
    We felt very sad, we refused it and went outside and discussed with a travels and fixed two Inica cars
    at the rate of Rs. 6/- Kilometer each. (return charge applicable.)

    Take it as an introduction and let me give more details in next parts of this article.
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    1. drnbhashyam's Avatar
      drnbhashyam -
      Thanks for sharing the yatra experiences. The videos are very absorbing.If not very personal,where was this marriage in Delhi. N Bhashyam
    1. bmbcAdmin's Avatar
      bmbcAdmin -
      I think there is nothing to hide as personal?
      When there is a possibility to see the presence or activity by a third person, then what is there to keep as personal?
      Hundreds and thousands of people watched us while performing the marriage and while traveling, so, I think there is no personal in it.
      Placing video is to entertain the user reading the article and it may attract the user and tempt to go for a pilgrimage, which I think as bhagavat preethi.

      The marriage was done at East Punjabi Bhag, Agarwal Bhavan Mandapam.
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