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  • How to wear a Panchakatcham Veshti - Vasthra Dharanam


    Prokhanam to be made on the 'vasthram' by saying
    "Om Bhoorbhuvassuvaha
    Suseevo havya maruthaha suseenaam |
    Ruthena sathyam Ruthasaapa aayan |
    Susijanmaanaha suchayaha paavakaaha | "
    After prokshanam take all the vasthram in hands and show them to Sun(light) and say
    "Udhuthyam jaadhavedhasam devam vahanthi kethavaha, dhruse visvaaya suryammm" |
    Then shake down them by saying
    "Avadhoodham Rakshaha Avadhoodha Aradhayaha " |
    Then tie the samll vasthram 'uthriyam' round the head.
    Role the 'poonal' in the right ear. And say:
    "Avahanthi vidhanvaanaaha Kurvaanacheeram athmanaha |
    Vaasagumsi mamaghavachcha anna paanecha sarvadha |
    Thathome sriyamaavaha |"
    Wear 'Kaubeenam' (Komanam or Jatty) and remove the wet cloth.

    Now start wearing the big / long veshti (vasthram) using the below steps:
    Hold the vasthram putting it behind you by left hand at one end
    and at 6th feet by right hand
    Measure exactly 3 feet from that left end
    Hold the new point ( 3 feet) by left hand by leaving the end
    move round the left hand to the point 3 inches up and 3 inches right to the 'naabhi'
    put the 3 feet point there and hold it there firmly by left hand
    now move round the right hand with the 6 feet point over left hand and
    place it at a point 3 inches up and 3 inches left to the 'naabhi'
    and tight it as much as you can by pulling both hands in opposite directions
    now check there should be no shrink in the edge of the vasthram
    tightened around the body
    (now is the tricky job which is a little hard to practice
    and it is little more hard for persons who have bunch of hairs all over the body)
    now slightly curl (out) the top edge of the vasthram
    where holding by left hand keep hold of it
    do not allow to go loose while curling
    (it is nothing but as like as wearing a 'kaili / lungi' )
    then do slightly curl by right hand as did by left hand
    now your left hand will get free and move it some samall distance
    towards your back and curl there
    (I hope you got the idea)
    yes, curl all over the edges
    the curl of the vasthram should be very slim as much as you can
    to get the required tightness
    now check, where the top of the curled vasthram
    and move it down to the circle, 4 inches below the 'naabhi'
    or at 'low hib' now you will have two edges,
    the left side will be samll and inner,
    the right side will be long and outer
    take the inner left edge to your left hand
    and fold it to 4 inches breath along the edge
    (if you want to bueatify the fold:
    insert it at any point in the front curl and straighten the folds
    by holding the top and next folds it in a straight posistion by left hand
    and deeply pressing at the fold edge by right hand,
    do it repeatedly for all the successive folds
    by adding one by one) send the folded vasthram
    between the two legs to the back side and
    insert it in the curl of the vasthram at the center of the back
    check there should be no twist in the folds
    now put the bottom edge of the vastram
    at the tip of the left leg on the floor and put the big leg finger on it to hold it
    collect the loose cloth between two thighs
    and shrink and twist at one point by which the vastram
    should get tight arround the 'jatty'
    insert this twisted end at the front curls center
    and leave the vastram below the left leg big finger
    now come to the other right end of the vasthram
    and fold it along the lengh wise about five to six inches breath
    and insert the folds above the previously inserted position
    now catch the remaining one corner of vastram
    which is hanging straightly below the insertion
    and take it up and make some folds on it
    then insert this fold also at the same place.
    This is the completion of wearing 'Pancha Kachcham'.

      Fold the Uthriyam or samll veshti as shown and tie it around the hip. Now bring the poonal to usual place.  
      please send your comments & doubts to vaideekam@  


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    1. vsubbu48's Avatar
      vsubbu48 -
      Good information. I did not know that mantras are to be recited before wearing angvastram. There is a website called wherein a video clip shows how to wear panchagacham.
    1. bmbcAdmin's Avatar
      bmbcAdmin -
      Here is the video I have added in and also it is separately given in Blogs.
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