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    Location of Sri Vaishnava Kendram
    Sri Vaishnava Kendram, Plot No.5, Door No.1/7, Thiru Vi Ka Nagar Main Rd, Thundalam, Chennai-600077.
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      R.Varadarajan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rajaganapathy Sarma View Post
      As per your Version, the change is happening in the minds of young people. It is appreciable. But the change should be with the elderly persons those who are in the place of teaching, advising, and way-layers to young. for example, i went to a vishnu Temple and on Sravana nakshatra day with the Unifotm of Panchakatcham, and the swamy was ready to go around the area. two of the people to carry the swamy for procession, i requested the person who is incharge of that procession, 'Can I give hands to carry the God for procession" He simply told that you are a smartha, you will not allowed to do that" and he called the persons from the temple who are nor brahmin and wearing the thiruman to carry the swamy for procession. I am very much doing my rituals daily and i am teaching veda which was known to me to more than 40 people as service. My wish was denied, and i am very much worried about the behaviour of the elderly person.
      I too had experienced such treatment. Why one person told me in Chennai that in staunch Vaishnavite families they do not say,I quote in trnsliterated Tamil""Arisi vaangindu vaa",meaning" buy rice and come", which is normal sentence. But it is objected to as the first two words form the name SIVA_Last syllable of first word..SI and first syllable VA of the second word together forms the hated word SIVA according to some staunch Vaishnavites.
      "" I think it is atrocious. No other religion is necessary to destroy us. Such attitude if tolerated will be enough to divide us.They forget that the BRAHMAN is one.
      I have seen and heard some priests in Vaishnavite temples making fun of Lord Siva. They do not ,even by mistake, enter a Temple of Ganesa,Siva or Muruga or Parvathi.WHY?
      We should teach first tolerance amongst our sects first.
      That is my humble opinion
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      Quote Originally Posted by R.Varadarajan View Post
      I have been actively posting some articles,my experiences etc. in the general forum and were online almost immediately. But my yesterday's post on KOTILINGA COMPLEX, still haS not appeared. I gt msg after posting that it will be online after moderation.
      Why this time it is taking so long? My earlier post by this time had more than 30 views.
      Just curios,that is all. It is not a complaint.
      Or was there any mistake in my side?
      Sorry Sir,
      Kindly continue to post.
      I have not checked the moderation threads for the past three days
      because, I hope all postings are automatically approved.
      But, just now only I came to understand the setting is different,
      now I have validated all postings pending under moderation.
      Sorry for the inconvenience,
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