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    by Published on 16-08-2011 10:13 PM     Number of Views: 10626 

    Dear one and all,
    This Forum is created for the benefit of all brahmins all over the world.

    Objectives of this Portal:

    There are several sub categories under the head Brahmins. But they are all having many common features and behaviors.
    The main common feature is : Vedas.
    There are mainly three philosophies among all brahmins. But all are accepting Brahmam and Vedas.

    We should try to find several factors and reasons to unite than finding controversies. So, I feel we are all having many things to share among us like
    Technic s

    etc. etc.

    So, find one are many reasons and ways to share all your products, inventions, find outs, thought provoking s here.
    It is your home. You can freely enjoy this forum to share all.
    This forum is highly featured with latest technics.
    You can post your matter with full of images, videos, audio limitless.

    The main thing is:
    By exchanging everything among us we should be benefited by each other.
    Most of our community earnings should go to our own community people.
    We should try to give a chance to our community person first, then we should try outside.
    We should together try to uplift our own community people by all our activities.
    Find out people youngsters of our community who are all suffering to survive near to you
    and bring them here, by tracing out some specialty, ability from those people, we can give some hope to come up.

    Post your views.
    thanks for visiting.

    I am happy to announce you all about a new portal

    Site Title: Brahmins to share Communal,Social,Religious,Technical,Love...Everything.

    Brahmins Mutual Benefit Centre - Manage to share all possible tradings & services between brahmins-priority to lift our community people on the way.

    I request you to kindly visit this page where I put some important information about a new website with powerful Bulletin Board.
    All members can interact with one another. Create and manage your own groups. Write blogs, Post forums, Place matrimonial & all classified advertisements.
    Everything FREE of cost to reach 100% targeted people.
    Hundreds of categories created to find everything in few clicks.

    Brahmins help
    Brahmins marriage
    Brahmins rituals
    Brahmins cooks
    Brahmin marriage contractors
    Brahmin youths
    Brahmin recipes
    Brahmins matrimony
    by Published on 20-10-2012 07:15 PM

    Your Wish is My Command! All the Powers of the Universe are already ours, It is we who have put Our Hands before Our Eyes and Cry that it are Dark! ~ Vivekananda (1863 - 1902) You are not alone
    Our day-to-day life has become very stressful and hectic. We are constantly chasing something that we feel is unreachable. At work, we are trying to climb the corporate ladder, and running at lightning speed, never stopping to look behind, as we fear there might be a tortoise or a hare out there that is going to catch up with us. You start your day with a thousand things on your list and ...
    by Published on 03-09-2011 02:02 PM     Number of Views: 7339 
    1. Categories:
    2. Religious,
    3. Brahmins Rituals,
    4. Panchangam,
    5. Astrology,
    6. Brahmins Matrimonials,
    7. Brahmins Helping Center

    Astrology in my views:
    I hope most of this forum members are from Tamil Nadu India, and hence they all know about the famous writer "Sandilyan" who is no more and who is also a brahmin Thenkalai Iyenagar.

    I know his son Mr.Sadagopan very well. He was admired by my activities 20 years back when I was started trying to set up a Non profit Brahmins welfare organization. OK that is a different story we will discuss it later patiently?!

    Sri.Sandilyan swami had written many historical stories like Raja Mudrai, Kadal Pura, Raja thilakam etc. I was very fond of reading historical stories in my childhood.

    In those stories we could see all the characters are real taken out from history. The theme of the story also real for a good enough percentage. But the sambhavams (happenings, activity, movements) are imagination for a good enough percentage. So, it is easy to attract the readers mind with the historical evidences to make them believe the whole story was truly written as it was happened.

    Likely in Astrology also the real things are the planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu, Ketu.

    They are the real characters, the story will be build up with their Past position (at the time of birth) and their present position for the current period. The astrologer should have enough brilliant to build up with possible amount of facts and reasonable amount of imaginations.

    Here you should not think that I am kidding, (but actually what I am doing), here imagination in the sense, the astrologer should have enough knowledge to guess (which is another synonym for prediction) from his experience, the situation what will happen if the planets are in this series of position in a horoscope.
    So, the predictions are some times comes in to true some times fails.

    Let us continue this in part - 2
    by Published on 25-08-2011 11:02 PM     Number of Views: 222 
    1. Categories:
    2. Panchangam,
    3. Astrology,
    4. Brahmins Matrimonials,
    5. Brahmins Helping Center

    Dear Members,
    yet another FREE service for you. This is also limited per member per week one time only.
    Per day maximum 10 horoscope matching will be done.
    If volume of request increased paid subscription will be introduced for this service later.
    The income will be used to appoint a Brahmin boy assistant technician to handle the server and database maintenance.

    Model form given below. Send details as shown in the model.
    Attachment 34

    Model output is given below:
    Attachment 35

    Send separate request for personal professional service.
    by Published on 25-08-2011 10:44 PM     Number of Views: 369 
    1. Categories:
    2. Panchangam,
    3. Astrology,
    4. Brahmins Matrimonials,
    5. Brahmins Helping Center

    Warning: All Horoscope Services has been stopped due to software problem!
    Dear Members,
    If required avail this service to cast your horoscope by using the below data. The below is not a form,
    this is a model form picture, you have to send the details as given in the model.
    Attachment 32

    I hope I can serve for 10 person a day for the casting service. If your request is within this limit you will get the horoscope next day, otherwise it may take some time to complete the previous works in order.

    Below is the model of Casted Horoscope picture.
    Attachment 33

    You can post your comments here about this service and also ask your doubts about using this service.
    Kindly do not ask any astrology questions like when I will get job, when I will get marry, how is my period now etc. I don't have time to do that.
    You know I am the only man to look after this website.
    by Published on 24-08-2011 02:06 PM     Number of Views: 5928 
    1. Categories:
    2. Religious,
    3. Brahmins Rituals,
    4. Panchangam,
    5. Astrology,
    6. Brahmins Matrimonials,
    7. Brahmins Utilities,
    8. Brahmins Helping Center

    In this section Astrological help will be given.
    The following items will be listed in this menu.
    Astro Rules
    Astro QA

    Explanations will be given later
    by Published on 24-08-2011 10:31 AM     Number of Views: 6844 
    1. Categories:
    2. Religious,
    3. Brahmins Rituals,
    4. Panchangam,
    5. Astrology,
    6. Brahmins recipes,
    7. Brahmins Matrimonials,
    8. Brahmins Utilities,
    9. Brahmins Helping Center

    Mailing list is the Very Very Important and most useful feature for genuine members of every website.

    We are consuming many goods for our day to day usage from general stores, provisions, vegetables and other departmental stores etc.

    Let us assume that if we are intimated from those stores about latest availability of products and its worth and any offers etc through phone or by an email, how nice and how useful it will be.

    It is just like that. Mailing Lists are doing the same thing for you.

    If you want to know about the latest updates of a website, you have to visit that website and browse various pages to find out what are all the interesting subjects newly added.

    Instead, if you subscribe to the mailing list of that website, they will send you emails periodically (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly) about the latest updates and latest features and latest for you with proper link and attractive images with that. You can read it by opening your inbox. No need to open any browser and type the url of that website etc.

    Very very important usage of Mailing list from are:
    1. Weekly updates about Articles, Forum, Blogs, Groups, Classifieds, Awards etc.

    2. Reminder for forth coming month Vradha days like Kruthigai, Chathurthi, Shasti, Ekadasi, Prodhosham, Shravanam

    3. Reminder for forth coming month Rituals like Amavasai & Sankalpam, Masa pirappu (Sankramanam), Grahanam & Sankalpam, Mahalayam, Shradha thithi, Upakarma and important hints about how to do ...

    4. Reminder for forth coming month festivals like Vijaya dasami, Saraswathi pooja, Ayutha pooja, Varalakshmi Vradham, Deepavali, Karthigai, Pongal, Varusha pirappu like calendar events.

    5. New Recipes posted by members and recommended by members.

    6. Panchangam hints like Chandrashtama days for all stars, general good times to do good and the times to avoid for few purposes.

    This list will grow more as more and more members subscribing to this mailing list ....

    That's it.
    If you click the interested link it will take you to that article to read it completely.

    I hope it will be clear now, what is the use of a mailing list.
    (I will post the same in Tamil for the benefit of members who are preferable to know it in Tamil).
    Now let us see how to join the Mailing list which is very simple.

    Step 1.
    You have to visit this website
    You will see Menus Horizontally like
    Home | Forum | Calendar | Panchangam | Experience | Downloads | Mailing Lists | Blogs | Group |
    (Left) Click the Mailing List Menu once now you will see a window like below image.

    Now You have to just click the "Subscribe" link found at the last column (see picture with red round).
    Whenever you think you don't want to receive this mailing list you can unsubscribe from this mailing list without withdrawing your membership (membership will be there, mail only should be stopped) you have to just click the "Unsubscribe" link in the email or in the menu (see picture below).

    So it is very easy and simple to manage your subscription and we value your privacy always.
    We do not disturb anybody who don't want to participate in our discussions and activity.
    So, I hope this is enough to know about how to subscribe for mailing list and its usage.
    This article is prepared by the request of one of our member in general discussion.
    I personally thank his interest and I appreciate such type of suggestions and comments always.
    Expecting your valuable inputs in this regard,

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