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Sri Rama Stotram

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Uploaded by bmbcAdmin - 24-03-2015
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Sri Rama Navami (28-Mar-2015) - Rare Sitarama Stotram From Padma Puranam

Dear All,

Greetings. As Sri Rama Navami falls on 28-Mar-2015, I am glad to share a very rare and short prayer on Lord Rama/Goddess Sita by Lord Shiva taken from Padma Puranam, Uttara Khandam, and Chapter 243 (titled Vishwa Darshanam). It is not difficult to understand the sanctity of this prayer as Lord Rama vouchsafes that the reciter gets the benefits accrued by bathing in all holy waters and performing all Yajnas - but multiplied by one crore times. A very potent hymn indeed.

The quintessence of this prayer is that Goddess Sita and Lord Rama are the divine parents of this universe and they themselves manifest themselves in various forms such as Lakshmi/Vishnu, Gauri/Shiva, Savitri/Brahma, etc. Over the last few years, we have seen that this is the immutable theme in all the sacred texts and there is no exception. We have also seen that sacred texts never fail to condemn views of purported differences among Trinity not only as utter nonsense and knuckle-headedness - but a gory sin as well. Let us see yet another citation of this from Brahma Vaivarta Puranam, Prakriti Khanda, Chapter 54, and Verses 110-114:

shambhur nArAyaNash caiva prakRRiteshca narAdhipa | nityAnAM lInate nitye tan mAyA na tu vAstavI || 111 ||
svayaM pumAn nirguNashca kAlena saguNaH svayam | svayaM nArAyaNaH shambhur mAyayA prakRRitiH svayam || 112 ||
(O King! Shiva, Narayana and Prakriti are Eternal. The Purusha is devoid of Gunas but by taking Kala (time) in its stride that Purusha embodies as Saguna., Narayana indeed is Shiva and due to Maya they appear so).

In the same purana, Ganapati Khanda, Chatper 3, Lord Shiva mentions that he is indeed the first among Vaishnavites:
nadInAM ca yathA ga~NgA devAnAM ca harir yathA | vaiShNavAnAM yathA .ahaM devInAM tvaM yathA priye || 5 ||
(Like Ganga is the first among the rivers and Lord Hari is the foremost Deva, I am the foremost among Vaishnavites ...)

In the same purana again, Lord Krishna reciprocates the same to Lord Shiva (Brahma Khanda, Chapter 6):
mahAdeva mahAdeva mahAdeveti vAdinaH | pashcAd yAmi mahAstotra nAma shravaNa lobhataH || 48 ||
pApaghne vartate shishca vashca muktiprade tathA | pApaghno moxado nRRiNAM shivastena prakIrtitaH || 52 ||
shiveti ca shivaM nAma yasya vAci pravartate | koTi-janmArjitaM pApaM tasya nashyati nishcitam || 53 ||
(Due to insatiable greed to listen to the great Maha mantra "Mahadeva", I go after all who chant Mahadeva, Mahadeva, Mahadeva. "Shi" is capable of annihilation of all sins and "va" is capable of bestowing Mukti and that is why He is called Shiva. For those who keep chanting "Shiva" mantra, they get absolved of all sins even if they were accrued over crores of births.)

It is a belief among Hindus that those who cast their mortal coil at Varanasi gets emancipated but Lord Shiva personally chants Rama nama in their ears for getting emancipation. This stands embodiment to the sacredness of Rama Nama (not difference between Shiva/Rama - I have shared Lord Rama's quote from Padma Purana, they two are same, a few weeks back).

May We pray to Lord Rama and Seek His refuge using this great hymn!

With best regards & Pranams,
K. Muralidharan Iyengar

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