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Brahmins in Various profession

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Geologist : An expert in the scientific study of the earth's crust, rocks, strata etc and the history of its development.
Geophysicist : An expert in the scientific study of the physics of the earth - its magnetism, meteorology etc.
Gerontologist : An expert in the scientific study of old age and ageing.
Guide : A person who shows another the way, used especially for a person employed to show tourists interesting sights.
Gynaecologist : An expert in the scientific study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system.
Hairdresser : A person specialising in cutting and styling hair.
Horticulturist : Person expert in the art of growing flowers, fruits and vegetables; skilled gardener.
Hostess : Woman who receives and entertains people as guests.
Immunologist : Person/doctor qualified in the scientific study of protection against and resistance to infection.
Insurance Agent : Person specialising in providing or selling insurance policies.
Interior Decorator : Person specialising in decorating the inside of a house, office or building with paint, wallpaper, furniture and other decorative pieces.
Interior Designer : An expert in the planned choice of style, colour, furnishing etc for the inside of a house, office or flat.
Interpreter : Person who gives a simultaneous translation of words spoken in another language.
Journalist : Person involved in collecting, writing, editing and publishing material in periodicals, usually newspapers and magazines.
Judge : Public official with authority to decide cases in a court of law.
Jeweller : Person who sells, makes or repairs jewellery or ornaments.
Keeper : Person who looks after animals in a zoo or a collection of items in a museum.
Knowledge Engineer : Person who looks into the technology aspect of knowledge management.
Knowledge Editor : Person handling the content and composition of knowledge for books, newspapers or web sites.
Lecturer : Person who gives lecturers, especially at a college T university.
Lexicographer : One who write or compiles dictionaries.
Librarian : Person in charge of or assisting in a library.
Lineman : Person whose job is to repair and maintain electrical or telephone lines.
Linguistics : Scientific study of language or of particular languages.
Lyricist : Person who writes the words of songs (especially popular songs).
Machinist : One who makes, repairs or operates machine or machine tools.
Macrobiotics : Science of diets that consists of whole grains and vegetables grown without chemical treatment.
Marriage Counsellor : Expert specialising in helping couples with marital problems.
Marine Biologist : A scientist who studies life in the sea for scientific and commercial purposes.
Mathematician : An expert in mathematics.
Matron : Woman in charge of the nurses in a hospital.
Metallurgist : Expert in the science of the properties of metals, their uses, methods of obtaining them from their ores etc.
Meteorologist : An expert in the scientific study of the earth's atmosphere and its changes, used especially for forecasting weather.
Minerologist : Expert in the scientific study of minerals and their various uses.
Model : Person employed to pose for an artist, photographer or sculptor; one employed to display clothes or fashion accessories to prospective buyers by wearing them.
Musician : Person who performs or composes music.
Naturalist : One who studies animals, plants, birds and other living creatures.
Naturopath : Person who treats illness through changes in diet, exercise, manipulation and other natural means.
Neurologist : An expert in the scientific study of nerves and their diseases.
News Reader : Person who announces the news over radio and TV.
Nurse : Person (usually female) trained to help doctors look after the sick and injured.
Occupational Therapist : One who treats a physical or mental disease through a regulated course of creative or productive work.
Oceanographer : Specialist in the scientific study of the oceans.
Operator : One who operates equipment, machines, a telephone switchboard etc.
Ophthalmologist : A person or doctor specialising in the scientific study of the eye and its diseases.
Optician : Person who makes and sells optical instruments, especially contact lenses and glasses.
Orthodontist : One who specialises in preventing and correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaw.
Orthopaedics : Branch of surgery that deals with the correction of bone deformities and diseases.
Paediatrics : Branch of medicine concerned with children and their illnesses.
Pageant Director : An expert in public entertainment consisting of a procession of people in costumes or fashionable dress.
Painter : Person specialising in painting walls, buildings and signboards; an artist who paints pictures.
Paleontologist : An expert in the study of fossils as a guide to the history of life on earth.
Penology : Study of crime and its punishment, and the management of prisons.
Petrology : Scientific study of rocks.
Pharmacist : One trained in the preparation of medicines; one who sell medicines.
Pharmacologist : Person who specialises in the scientific study of drugs and their use in medicine.
Physiologist : An expert in the scientific study of the normal functions of living things and the way in which the body of a particular living being functions.
Physiotherapist : Person trained in the treatment of disease, injury or weakness in the joints or muscles through exercises, massage and the use of light, heat etc.
Pilot : One who operates the controls of an aircraft.
Plumber : One who specialises in the fitting and repair of waterpipes, water tanks, cisterns etc in a building.
Politician : One who is well versed in the science of governance, actively or professionally.
Psephologist : Expert in the study of the way in which people vote in elections, especially by means of opinion polls.
Psychiatrist : Specialist in the study and treatment of mental illness.
Psychologist : An expert in the science or study of the mind and how it functions.
Producer : Person who produces a film, TV, radio, video or stage programme.
PRO : A Public Relations Officer specialises in presenting a good image of an organisation, firm, government or person to the public, especially through the selective dissemination of information.
Qua Master: A person who conducts a quiz or competition, especially on TV, radio or stage in which people answer questions to test their knowledge.
Radiologist: A doctor specialising in the diagnostic use of X-rays and in other methods of imaging the internal structure of the body.
Radio Therapist: Expert in the treatment of diseases, especially cancer, by radiation, such as X-rays.
Receptionist: Person employed to make appointments for or receive callers at a hotel, office, clinic or other establishment.
Radio Astronomy: Astronomical study by means of radar; study of radio waves generated in space.
Sailor: Member of ship's crew, especially one below the rank of officer.
Salesperson: One whose job is to sell goods in shops or door to door.
Sanitary Inspector: An official who checks hygienic conditions in shops, restaurants and other establishments.
Sociologist: An expert m the scientific study of the nature and development of society and social behaviour.
Speech Therapist: Person trained to help people with speech problems.
Speleologist: A scientist who studies and explores caves.
Sports Editor: An editor in a newspaper or magazine who specialises in sports.
Seismologist: Scientist who studies earthquakes.
Surveyor: Person who surveys and values vehicles, buildings or other property; one who surveys land.
Stock Broker: Person who buys and sells stocks and shares for clients on a commission basis.
System Analyst: A computer professional who develops a programme, analyses the system and supervises how a company's computer software runs.
Software Engineer: An engineer who develops software that involves the systematic application of computer tools and techniques to develop high quality, reliable and user-friendly applications as well as system software.
Script Writer: One who writes scripts for TV serials, cinema and documentaries or adapts a novel or story for television, radio or cinema.
Tailor: One who specialises in cutting and stitching outer garments, especially for men.
Travel Agent: Person who makes arrangements for people wishing to travel, e.g. buying tickets, making hotel and airline reservations.
Umpire: Person appointed to see that the rules are observed and to settle disputes; a person chosen to act as a judge between two parties who disagree.
Underwriter: Person or organisation that underwrites (accept liability) insurance policies, especially for ships, aircraft etc.
VJ: Video Jockey - A person who acts as an anchor in television/video shows.
Value: A professional specialising in estimating the monetary value of a company, property, land, jewellery, goods or other items.
Veterinary Surgeon: A person skilled in the treatment of animal diseases and injuries.
Virologist: An expert in the scientific study of virus and viral disease.
Wildlife Specialist: An expert in wildlife who helps implement measures for the conservation of wildlife.
Writer: Person whose job is to write books, stories, articles and the like.
Welder: One who specialises in joining two metals by raising the temperature at the joints by means of external heat.
Warehouse Man: Person who stores goods before they are sent to shops.
Warrant Officer: Non-commissioned officer of the highest grade in the army, air force or navy.
Zoologist: An expert in the scientific study of the structure, form and distribution of animals.

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